If you are asking the question, “Can my church change?”, then you are asking the wrong question. And there is a great deal of energy spent in asking the wrong questions today. Stop asking this question. Your church will change. If you do nothing, your church will change. If you […]

Your Church Will Change

Experience is very important, but not ultimate. Wisdom comes with experience. In fact, I was just talking to some church planters today about learning from experience. Grace is found in experience. Yet, some people live by the conviction that the inexperienced have nothing to contribute. Their experience leads them to […]

Choking on Your Experience

Last week, Baptist Press released the article by Carol Pipes: “ACP: More Churches Reported; Baptisms Decline.” Media sources across the country quickly ran stories on the information found in the article. The Southern Baptist Convention added 294 churches in 2015. However, our membership declined by more than 200,000 people, with […]

Decline in Southern Baptist Numbers