The Big Move and Some Previous Posts 2

This is likely to be my last post before my family and I move from Louisville to Birmingham, where I have the honor of serving as one of the pastors of The Church at Brook Hills (you may read about my transition HERE).

The movers arrived today.

We are scheduled to roll out of the Ville and into Bham on Friday to close on our house.  Our vacation begins a few days later.  My family and I greatly appreciate your prayers during this time of transition.

I am planning to take some time off from the blog, and plan to return in July.  I am also likely to take a nice extended Twitter break as well, but you never know about Twitter. 🙂

While I am unpacking boxes, playing with my kids on an Alabama beach, or riding It’s a Small World for the 20th time, I have listed some of the past year’s posts for your reading pleasure–in case you missed them, get board over the next month, or have a difficult time sleeping….

Lord willing, I will return to the blog-o-sphere next month.  Take care!

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Least Reached Counties in the U.S.

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Missional Living in a Complex World, Part 2

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3 Million Refugees in the U. S.

Leadership Development: You are What You Eat–and You Reproduce it Too, Part 1

Leadership Development: You are What You Eat–and You Reproduce it Too, Part 2

Complex King, Simple Ways

Proverbs: A Key to Living and Leading Well

Regional International Migration Trends

Free E-Book: Leading Your Church in Church Planting

Record Number of International Students in the U. S.

How Well Do You Know Your Missiological Box

Free E-Book: Discipleship in Church Planting

Largest and Fastest Growing Cities

Where are the Largest Numbers of International Migrants?

Latest Findings on the Nations in the United States

Taking the Shortcut in Missions

Missions Today: Is the West Learning from the Rest?

It’s Not About Church Planting

To the World through the Stomach



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2 thoughts on “The Big Move and Some Previous Posts

  • wendal mark johnson

    God bless you as you transition to Birmingham. I hope we can have further discussion about the urban needs of Central and South America. Enjoy your vacation and new ministry. Blessings.