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The way we train others is often limited to a cognitive approach.  This is most unfortunate.  Such a model limits learning, retention, iteration, evaluation, and neglects a most vital aspect of learning–experience.

This limitation should not surprise us.  We imitate what we know, and we know what has been modeled before us.  In high school, college, and seminary, we became master note takers.  We know lecture is king in the domain of ministry preparation.

Thus, we carry this model with us to the local church.  Knowledge is important, but knowledge is not everything.

A more comprehensive approach is needed for leading people to use their gifts for Kingdom service.

When equipping your people for the work of the ministry (Eph 4:11-12), give them the Vowels of Service.  Your approach to preparing members of your church should include the following:

A = Application        Provide them with hands-on opportunities to serve with the knowledge they receive.

E = Education           Educate with a proper biblical/theological/missiological foundation.

I = Inspiration          Inspire them with a biblical, God-sized, global vision.

O = Ownership         Help them own the church’s vision for the multiplication of disciples and churches.

U = Understanding  Help them understand the global realities influencing the church and mission at home and abroad.

By engaging your people with the Vowels of Service, you are connecting with them at the three important levels for learning and life transformation:  Head (Education, Understanding), Heart (Inspiration, Ownership), and Hands (Application).

Know your Bible and teach it!  Know your context.  Use the Vowels of Service in your setting.

Break the model of the status quo; you know how far it has taken you and your church to date.

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3 thoughts on “Give Your People Vowels of Service

  • Clayton Clark

    Dr Payne, former Boyce student of yours (2002?). Can you give us a concrete evangelistic lesson for the church that we could apply the AEIOU?

  • JD Post author

    I can’t point to a personal evangelism resource that does all five. Check out the evangelistic lessons in Evangelism Explosion. While the inspiration (I) and ownership (O) may be lacking to a degree (these often come by doing evangelism), and the U as well (not much on global and contextualization), I think it offers one of the best approaches to the A and E.