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HERE is one of the most important sites on the Web when it comes to church planting.  This site does not get into this category because it is about New York unreached peoples (though that makes it extremely valuable), nor is it all that because it is connected to Global Gates (though I love these brothers and believe they are doing amazing work, and consult this site often).

The importance of this site is that it reveals a Kingdom model of stewardship that is lacking in so many denominational and church planting circles today–especially in North America.

This site shows: 1) the importance of focusing on unengaged and unreached peoples; 2) the need to do our homework on the communities where we serve; 3) the value of monitoring where church planting labors are few to non-existent; 4) the stewardship of prioritizing for Kingdom impact; and 5) the generosity of sharing what you know with other evangelicals.

See the model. Learn its principles. Apply them to your context.

Time is short.  A great urgency exists. Our resources are limited.  We are expected to be wise stewards, for the Day of Accountability is coming.

N.B.:  If you are providing denominational, network, associational, district, or parish leadership for church planters, then you need to take the lead in doing the homework and making it known.  I am amazed at how often I speak with such leaders who have provided oversight in their communities for years and are unable to provide such a list of unreached peoples, knowledge of what is (or is not) going on among such peoples, and a list of priorities.

Well done, to those of you who have done your homework!  Make your findings known. Start a blog and post them, or email me at and I’ll help spread the word on my site–assuming your work is credible and the findings are in a user-friendly format.

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