Discovering and Engaging Unreached Peoples in North America

Strike the Match

We have better information on unreached people groups living in the most remote places of the world than we do of those same groups living in the United States and Canada.

We know the world; we do not know our neighborhood.

I recently spoke with Dr. Bryan Galloway, Senior Research Analyst with the International Mission Board, about a research initiative underway to study the people groups in the 100 largest metropolitan areas in the United States and the 5 largest metropolitan areas in Canada.

The North American Mission Board and the International Mission Board have been collaborating to discover and engage the unreached peoples in North America. This is extremely important. As such knowledge increases, churches become more strategic and better stewards with their disciple making and church multiplication strategies and resources. As they reach the unreached here, opportunities develop for the gospel to spread in other areas of the world.

Check out our conversation in this episode of Strike the Match. Bryan and I discuss present realities in North America, practical ways to identify the peoples in our communities, and some of the challenges of this research initiative. He also shares a personal story of how reaching an unreached people group in Texas opened doors for disciples to be made in a restricted access country.

For more information on discovering and engaging unreached peoples in North America, this research initiative, or how to contact Dr. Galloway, check out

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