Werner Mischke and The Global Gospel

Strike the MatchThere is much in the Bible that addresses the topic of shame (referenced more than twice as often as the notion of guilt). This is good news as we labor among the 4 billion! For most of the world is not as individualistically-oriented as we in the West. Matters such as honor and shame affect daily life much more in the Majority World than here.

As we share the gospel, we often emphasize biblical passages related to guilt while overlooking those passages addressing honor and shame. And with the 4 billion primarily living in honor-shame societies, this means we have something to work on in our preaching.

Werner Mischke, Executive Vice President of Mission ONE, and I recently spoke about his new book on this topic: The Global Gospel: Achieving Missional Impact in our Multicultural World. Listen to our conversation.

The Global Gospel is a reminder that we in the West have much to learn about honor and shame which the New Testament world—and Majority World today—lived with on a daily basis. This book has influenced my understanding of the gospel and missions. I want to encourage you to get this book, read it, and make application to your life and ministry.

You may find Werner at his blog or at Mission One.

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