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Strike the MatchMy next book, To the Edge: Reflections on Kingdom Leadership, Mission, and Innovation, is scheduled to be released this summer. In this podcast, I share about the book and my reason for writing it. I even read an excerpt for you! Most of what I share in this episode about this book, I have not shared with the public yet. You are hearing it first on Strike the Match!

As Jesus builds His Church, His Church must keep going to the edge and beyond. The edge is a scary place; it is where change happens. Many people fear the edge. They try to stay as far from it as possible because it comes with risks. But being on the edge means being on the frontiers of Kingdom expansion. And going beyond the edge means blazing new directions as the Builder leads. Jesus is with us. It is an honor to be working with His Spirit.

Not only should we expect change, but we must be wise stewards with it.

Check out this episode. And thanks for listening! Keep watching for the release date of To the Edge and the opportunity to make pre-orders. I will keep you informed via social media and at

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