Jon Hirst of GMI

Strike the MatchOne of the cutting edge organizations out there is GMI. They have been thinking and leading on an innovative plane for 30 years. With a mission statement like: GMI leverages research and technology to create, cultivate, and communicate mission information leading to insight that inspires Kingdom service, you know they are involved in some exciting and different work!

In this episode, I speak with their new president and CEO, Jon Hirst.  We talk about GMI’s history, what they are doing, and where they are going as well as the changes influencing mission agencies and churches. During our conversation, Jon notes, “We are in a significant paradigm shift in missions. . . . The old levers and systems. . . that were fairly staid, accepted, and understood in the 20th century, fundamentally don’t work the same way anymore.” This is a fascinating conversation. Check it out and share with others!

You may find Jon on Twitter @jonhirstgmi

Take a look at their excellent missiographics too!

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