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Strike the MatchThe 20th century has been called the Age of Migration. Presently, 232 million people live outside of their countries-of-birth. They move for different reasons. Some are relocating for a better standard-of-living and education; others are fleeing persecution, war, disease, and famine.

In this episode, I speak with Dr. Enoch Wan, one of the leading global experts in the area of migration and missions. Several years ago Dr. Wan pioneered a new area of study in missiology that he labeled, “diaspora missiology.” And this burgeoning field is one of the most important areas of study today.

Enoch and I talk about the international movements of both Christians and non-Christians and how such movements have created a paradigm shift in Kingdom work. The lines are now blurred between domestic and international missions. Will churches, denominations, and mission agencies be wise stewards and adjust accordingly? Check out this exciting conversation and share it with others!

Be sure to visit EnochWan.com where you may find out more about Dr. Wan’s work and publications.

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