Mark Snowden on Orality in the United States

Strike the MatchDiscussions related to the topic of orality and missions often focus on contexts outside of North America. However, in 2003 half of the Untied States’ citizens struggled with literacy. Few college students read books on a regular basis after graduation. And according to my guest, Mark Snowden, after work and school, “the vast majority of Americans who go home at night do not have anything to do with the literate world.” If this is our present reality in the United States, what is the implication on disciple making since the Christian faith walks on literate legs?

In this episode, Mark and I discuss the topic of orality and disciple making in the United States. Mark is the co-author (with Avery Willis) of Truth that Sticks: How to Communicate Velcro Truth in a Teflon World and leader of Snowden Ministries. He blogs at, found on Facebook, and may be contacted at


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