David Sills on Changing World, Unchanging Mission

Strike the MatchThe world is always changing; our mission remains the same. Dr. David Sills is my guest and we discuss his forthcoming book, Changing World, Unchanging Mission: Responding to Global Challenges. In this conversation, we address some of the key global challenges confronting disciple-making today.

David calls us to be proactive as Kingdom citizens and to grow as students of both God’s Word and God’s world.

In addition to this book, David is the author of several other publications, a seminary professor, and president of Reaching and Teaching International Ministries.

** CORRECTION: In this conversation, reference is made to Samuel Chiang as being the president of the International Orality Network. Since this recording was made, Chiang is no longer in this role and is now the president and CEO of The Seed Company.

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