Dave Datema with Frontier Ventures

Strike the MatchChurches and mission agencies have been thankful for the global work of the U. S. Center for World Mission.  For almost four decades, the Center has been involved in Kingdom advancing labors. If you are familiar with the name Ralph Winter, unreached people groups, or the Perspectives course (to mention a few examples), then you have been influenced by the Center.

A few months ago, the U. S. Center for World Mission rebranded itself as Frontier Ventures. In this episode, I speak with Dave Datema, one of Frontier Ventures’ general directors. We talk about the history of the Center, the need for rebranding, and possible future directions.

Dave shares that their purpose has always been and will continue to be about influencing believers for work in frontier missions. They want to continue in mobilization, training, and championing ideas and insights that will catalyze Kingdom breakthrough.

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