Apostolic Church Planting 1

Strike the MatchIn this last episode of Season 1 of Strike the Match, I share about my forthcoming book, Apostolic Church Planting: Birthing New Churches from New Believers (IVP).

In the book of Acts, church planting begins with sharing the gospel. A church was not talked about until disciples were made; and disciples were not made until evangelism occurred. There is a general pathway to church planting that leads to the multiplication of disciples, leaders and other churches.

What are our present global realities of lostness? What is the most critical issue in church planting today? What is apostolic church planting? What are the 4 steps in the pathway to planting? What are the planned role changes and primary tasks of team members? What is the church multiplication cycle? In this episode, I address these and other questions. Check out this last episode of Season 1!

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