Nathan Shank on Church Multiplication and Health 3

Strike the Match

The concept of church multiplication movements is often discussed in missiological circles. Kingdom citizens desire to see “the word of the Lord. . . speed ahead and be honored” (2 Thes 3:1) and for new churches to be taught the “whole counsel of God (Acts 20:27). Nathan Shank is my guest on this episode of Strike the Match. Nathan lives in Asia and serves as a church planting strategist. He has witnessed the multiplication of disciples, leaders, and churches across unreached people groups. In this episode, we talk about biblical strategy, church health, measuring effectiveness beyond simply reporting numbers, and the need to redefine our metrics.

Here are the links to the two resources we mention in the conversation: Nathan and Kari’s book Four Fields of Kingdom Growth and No Place



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3 thoughts on “Nathan Shank on Church Multiplication and Health

  • Kim, Jinho

    I thank you that you released your book in PDF file. Would you let me know if I can translate in Korean to publish for the church multiplication.
    I want use “Four Fields of Kingdom Growth” for our text book in my Bible school, the Jesus Mission Academy.

  • JD Post author

    Thank you for writing, Jinho. I am not the author of that work. You will need to contact the author for permission.