David Sills on Global Pastoral Training 1

The Church is growing the fastest throughout the Majority World. And with any growth comes the need for leadership development. This need is not a contemporary creation but a biblical expectation.

Pastoral training is one of the most important issues facing the Church. David Sills and I discuss this topic in this episode of Strike the Match.

Sills is an author of several books, professor, and the founder and president of Reaching and Teaching International Ministries. He shares that 85% of pastors have no theological education and no access to it. A tool to meet this global need is his new book Hearts, Heads, and Hands: A Manual for Teaching Others to Teach Others.

We spend some time discussing this recent resource and the training needs in our world. After listening to this episode, you will want to check out HeartsHeadsandHands.com.

David is no stranger to the program. He was also a guest during season 1 (episode 22).

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One thought on “David Sills on Global Pastoral Training

  • Rev. James P

    It’s a key issue that needs serious attention. Missions work in Majority world will continue to expand inspite of such realities along with other pressures.However, genuine church growth and discipleship May not happen unless proper, contextually relevant and affordable pastor’s training is provided both residential and ongoing, formal and informal. The response needs to be more deeper than one can think of as the People and culture dynamics are changing very fast and mostly against the gospel. God will surely Help.