Developing a Long-Term Approach for Short-Term Missions 4

The Church at Brook Hills, by God’s grace, sends about 40 short-term teams to 10 countries every year. In this episode, my guest is Fox, Director of Short-Term Missions with our church.

Some of the questions we address include:

What is The Church at Brook Hills doing when it comes to short-term missions?

How do we attempt go to serve and not go to be served?

What do we look for in global partnerships?

What is our strategic priority?

How do we prepare short-term team leaders?

How can smaller churches get started in sending short-term teams?

What are some of the challenges churches face when trying to engage in short-term missions?

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4 thoughts on “Developing a Long-Term Approach for Short-Term Missions

  • tony sheng

    Thanks so much for this – what an excellent conversation! Really appreciated the idea of knowing what you will and will not do, and I loved how Fox said the things they wouldn’t do were based on the ability to reproduce them well. So good.

  • Dustin

    Very helpful conversation! I will be reaching out to Fox. Our church has fallen into some of the bad patterns that Fox discussed and we need to intentionally reconsider our short-term strategy and make some changes. Thanks for brining up this topic!