Reaching the Nations in North America 2

The Reaching the Nations in North America Summit is scheduled to kick off tomorrow (Oct 27-28) in Wake Forest, North Carolina. You may find more information about the event HERE.

If you are unable to attend, the good news is the plenary sessions (and I’ve heard three of the breakout seminars) will be broadcast livestream.

I am scheduled first in the 1:00 PM (Eastern Time) session and will be teaching on the apostolic work of the church among unreached peoples in North America. I also plan to share the latest estimates of unreached people groups and unreached-unengaged people groups in the U. S. and Canada.

Some of my presentation will build off of my message from last year’s Summit.

You may watch last year’s message, “Strangers Next Door: Migration and Mission–Our Response,” HERE.

You may download last year’s slide presentation HERE.

Danny Akin is scheduled to speak during the 7:00PM session.

Saturday morning, J. D. Greear speaks during the 8:00AM session and is followed by Bryant Wright in the 9:30AM session.

Chris Clayman closes our time together with the Saturday afternoon 4:00PM session.

Until the strangers next door are strangers no more (Acts 17:26-27)!

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2 thoughts on “Reaching the Nations in North America

  • JD Post author

    I shall consider it, Keith. Please email me more details ( Thank you for the kind invitation. But mostly, thank you for your leadership on such an important project. I pray that the Lord will use it in an amazing way for His glory!