Pastor: Holder of the Key or Lock to Missions?

The role of the pastor is critical in a church’s local and global apostolic work. At the turn of the 20th century, John R. Mott was correct when he wrote:

The secret of enabling the home Church to press her advantage in the non-Christian world is one of leadership. The people do not go beyond their leaders in knowledge and zeal, nor surpass them in consecration and sacrifice. The Christian pastor, minister, rector—whatever he may be denominated—holds the divinely appointed office for inspiring and guiding the thought and activities of the Church. By virtue of his position he can be a mighty force in the world’s evangelization ( The Pastor and Modern Missions, 1904, vii-viii).

The pastor holds the key (or sometimes the lock) when it comes to a church’s missionary labors.

I recently was invited by The Mission Table to have a conversation about pastoral involvement in missions. Here is the 30 min. video of the discussion. Check it out.

If you are not familiar with The Mission Table, I want to encourage you to check out their site and outstanding resources.

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