Evangelicals often talk about church planting. However, given the way most people speak about church planting and apply such methods to the field, I wonder if a great deal of evangelicals either prefer to avoid biblical guidelines when it comes to this ministry or simply do not know of the […]

Where Do Churches Come From?

  This episode of Strike the Match kicks off season 2. In this podcast, I share insights from eighteen years of training pastors in both the academy and the church. The pastor is the most important and influential person in a local church when it comes to leading that congregation […]

6 Guidelines for Training Pastors Toward an Apostolic Imagination

The most critical issue in church planting work today is an ecclesiological issue. Theology affects field practices. A team’s understanding of biblical ecclesiology shapes everything accomplished in the present and for years to come. Across the world, many church planting teams, partnering churches, and mission agencies are attempting to plant […]

Plant the Church that Is, not the Church to Come