The North Carolina Baptist Convention is one of a handful of SBC groups (hopefully this number will grow) working hard to educate and mobilize others to reach unengaged and unreached peoples in North America. A few months ago I was contacted by some brothers from North Carolina about setting portions […]

Videos 4 U – Unreached Peoples, Least Reached Places

I recently had the honor of speaking at the CORE Conference hosted by the Missouri Baptist Convention. This took place during their annual meeting. It was a great blessing to be with these brothers and sisters who have a heart for the gospel and the multiplication of disciples, leaders, and […]

Church Multiplication in the Post-Christianized West

During this time of the year, I like to remind readers of six excellent opportunities to connect with our neighbors and share the good news. Here is a post I wrote sometime ago. I hope it provides you with a plan for the next several months. Happy partying! Christian holidays […]

6 Opportunities to Party for the Kingdom in Your Neighborhood

Jeff Sundell has been involved in Great Commission activities for many years. After serving in South Asia and seeing the multiplication of disciples, leaders, and churches, he returned to the United States in 2009, contextualizing what he learned. Now, many churches across the United States benefit from Jeff’s vision and […]

Jeff Sundell on Disciplemaking and Church Multiplication

The reporter made this horrific statement on the news today: “The church was completely destroyed by fire. . . .” What!? That’s terrible. Knowing the median worship attendance in the US is 75, I had a mental image of at least 75 people being burned simultaneously. Check Twitter. What? Nothing […]

Church Destroyed, Everyone Lives?

The language of the Church exists in two locations: 1) within the established contexts; and 2) within the pioneer fields. One is the language of age-related maturity, structure, great organization, highly educated leadership, and comes with time. The other is the language of new believers who recently self-identified as a […]

When Speaking of Ecclesiology…Remember the Context

One of the greatest challenges facing the Church in the West can be summarized with this question:  “How does a Church with a mature presence co-labor with apostolic teams in the same geographical context?” Unfortunately, few imaginations are considering this question. Church life as we know it has come to […]

Apostolic Imagination: What Few Pastors have but We All Need

The day has finally arrived. This is the last post before I sign-off of the blog for several weeks. I set as my goal to write five posts per week in 2015. I was able to accomplish this, except for two days when my host’s server was down. It was a fun 2015. Thank […]

Last Post

Any young women in your church? Yes? Any serious video gamers? Don’t know? What if gaming was a way for them to connect with other women in Saudi Arabia? Maybe this is more likely than we think. You need to read this NPR article and listen to the 4 minute […]

Women, Video Games, and Saudi Arabia

Many believers are found in the Majority World. And many migrate. Many people from unreached people groups migrate as well. And even many believers who migrate are representatives of unreached people groups. If you need an opportunity to teach your people about the migration of the nations, then know that […]

International Migrants Day