The North Carolina Baptist Convention is one of a handful of SBC groups (hopefully this number will grow) working hard to educate and mobilize others to reach unengaged and unreached peoples in North America. A few months ago I was contacted by some brothers from North Carolina about setting portions […]

Videos 4 U – Unreached Peoples, Least Reached Places

The Institute of International Education recently released its annual report on the number of international students in the United States. I have written about their findings over the past few years. And each year, I write the same thing: Record Number of International Students Studying in US. This year is […]

Record Number of International Students in US

Last week, Strangers Next Door: Immigration, Migration, and Mission turned four years old. And while I have been speaking on the topic of this book for a few years, requests have increased in 2016. The hearts of the saints are moving concerning this topic. The rapidly growing area of missiology […]

When the Field is Redefined

Last week, Baptist Press released the article by Carol Pipes: “ACP: More Churches Reported; Baptisms Decline.” Media sources across the country quickly ran stories on the information found in the article. The Southern Baptist Convention added 294 churches in 2015. However, our membership declined by more than 200,000 people, with […]

Decline in Southern Baptist Numbers

The language of the Church exists in two locations: 1) within the established contexts; and 2) within the pioneer fields. One is the language of age-related maturity, structure, great organization, highly educated leadership, and comes with time. The other is the language of new believers who recently self-identified as a […]

When Speaking of Ecclesiology…Remember the Context

The day has finally arrived. This is the last post before I sign-off of the blog for several weeks. I set as my goal to write five posts per week in 2015. I was able to accomplish this, except for two days when my host’s server was down. It was a fun 2015. Thank […]

Last Post

Hanukkah is December 6-14 of this year. The largest Jewish population in the world is in Israel, at 6 million. The United States comes in second place with 5.7 million. Hanukkah is a holiday you need to know about. Here is an article explaining the holiday to children. I found it […]

Hanukkah Prayer

A 95% increase since 2006. That is the growth of the foreign-born population in Buffalo, New York. Buffalo is a medium-sized U. S. city. Gone are the days when migrants landed and remained in the largest cities. And since 2003, 10,000 refugees alone have relocated to this city. The majority […]

Guess Who’s Coming to Buffalo–Now Who’s Going?

Yesterday marked the beginning of the largest Hindu festival, Diwali. This is a time of celebrating the victory of good over evil, light over darkness. Its significance to Hindus has been compared to the significance of Christmas to Christians. Of all countries, India is home to the largest number of […]

Diwali: Festival of Lights

Here is an interesting article from NPR on the refugee crisis in Europe. This one, however, addresses Muslims converting to Christianity–some to avoid being sent home, others experiencing repentance and faith. Check it out. It is worth your time and thought on an important issue today. ———- Apostolic Church Planting […]

Refugee Conversions in Europe