The North Carolina Baptist Convention is one of a handful of SBC groups (hopefully this number will grow) working hard to educate and mobilize others to reach unengaged and unreached peoples in North America. A few months ago I was contacted by some brothers from North Carolina about setting portions […]

Videos 4 U – Unreached Peoples, Least Reached Places

Last week, Strangers Next Door: Immigration, Migration, and Mission turned four years old. And while I have been speaking on the topic of this book for a few years, requests have increased in 2016. The hearts of the saints are moving concerning this topic. The rapidly growing area of missiology […]

When the Field is Redefined

In case you missed it: The Reaching the Nations in North America Conference took place several days ago. HERE is Seth Brown’s article at Baptist Press. Thank you, Seth; and thank you BP for posting this. This was an important moment in the life of my denomination. The event was […]

ICYMI: Reaching the Nations Videos

Lord willing, the Reaching the Nations in North America conference kicks off in Brentwood, Tennessee this Friday and Saturday. I do hope you will be there. Registration is closed. You may watch the event at the International Mission Board’s Facebook page. You may also follow along at #RTNSummit2016. I am […]

Reaching the Nations Conference

The day has finally arrived. This is the last post before I sign-off of the blog for several weeks. I set as my goal to write five posts per week in 2015. I was able to accomplish this, except for two days when my host’s server was down. It was a fun 2015. Thank […]

Last Post

Many believers are found in the Majority World. And many migrate. Many people from unreached people groups migrate as well. And even many believers who migrate are representatives of unreached people groups. If you need an opportunity to teach your people about the migration of the nations, then know that […]

International Migrants Day

Pew Research released an extensive report today on US immigration. The foreign-born percentage is near a record high. There are many important findings in this study. If you do not have time to read everything at once, then look over the chapters that immediately appeal to you and come back […]

New Study on US Immigration

God has not only made every person from Adam and Eve, but He has also determined when and where they will live (Acts 17:26). The reason? That they might find Him (Acts 17:27). 232 million people live outside of their countries of birth. While many of these people are followers […]

Reaching Unreached Peoples in North America

We want to be on the edge of Kingdom advancement. Where should our church or agency focus? Is it urban? Is it orality? Is it unreached peoples? Unengaged-unreached? Is it disciple making and church planting? Is it combating trafficking? Combating poverty? Is it social development? Justice issues? Is it partnering […]

Diasporas: The Nexus of the Issues

I want to share one more photo from our time on Ellis Island. Sociologists talk of transnational migration. This simply means that movers often return to their countries of birth. This photo addresses Chinese migration to the U.S. and is a simple reminder of transnational migration. Here are some excerpts […]

Returning to China