Lord willing, next Monday, I will be speaking at the Business as Mission Conference hosted by Southeastern Bible College in Birmingham. My assigned topic is “Careers for the Kingdom,” and I am supposed to keep pastors in mind as my primary audience members. If you would like a glimpse into […]

Shepherd Your People to the Marketplace: Soft Skills Needed

The Institute of International Education recently released its annual report on the number of international students in the United States. I have written about their findings over the past few years. And each year, I write the same thing: Record Number of International Students Studying in US. This year is […]

Record Number of International Students in US

The day has finally arrived. This is the last post before I sign-off of the blog for several weeks. I set as my goal to write five posts per week in 2015. I was able to accomplish this, except for two days when my host’s server was down. It was a fun 2015. Thank […]

Last Post

During this time of the year, many U. S. college students are home for the Christmas and New Year’s holidays. For many pastors, this is the only time they will see some church members before summer. So, with this in mind, now is a great time to encourage your students […]

School’s Out, Recast Vision for Vocation

“If Jesus is the truth and the way, then I want to follow Him,” the Saudi student responded. “Do you understand what that could mean for you,” Gary asked. “If Jesus is the truth and the way, then I am willing to die for Him.” This conversation took place between […]

Preparing Others for the Death Penalty

The decision to select a major and/or vocation is one of the most important decisions a person will make. This decision sets life on a specific course. This decision is often left up to the whims of youth, family tradition, and secular guidance counselors. The church is usually divorced from […]

5 Suggestions for Shepherding Your People to the Marketplace

I want to share one more photo from our time on Ellis Island. Sociologists talk of transnational migration. This simply means that movers often return to their countries of birth. This photo addresses Chinese migration to the U.S. and is a simple reminder of transnational migration. Here are some excerpts […]

Returning to China

Part of shepherding your people to the field means knowing about marketplace needs. Countries often frown upon natives from other countries coming in and taking jobs–unless it has been difficult to find a national for the job. Here are the ten-most difficult positions to fill across the world. Do you […]

Shepherd Your People to the Marketplace

I recently spoke at the Empowered Conference hosted by the Southern Baptist Convention of Virginia. It was a wonderful time with the brothers and sisters from around the state. I was encouraged to hear what the Spirit is doing through their Kingdom labors. My assignment: share from my book Strangers […]

Reaching the Strangers Next Door