I have been thinking about the contents of this post for several months. With all of the needs in the world, where should we begin our disciplemaking activities? Asking and responding to this question is a matter of Spirit-guided, Kingdom stewardship. Over the years, evangelicals have considered this question and […]

Only 400 People Groups to Go?

A few weeks ago I presented a paper at the Southeastern regional meeting of the Evangelical Missiological Society. My paper’s title: “Educating Today’s Pastors Toward an Apostolic Imagination.” After spending eighteen years (and counting) in the academic setting and the same amount of time (and counting) in pastoral ministry, I […]

Training Pastors Toward an Apostolic Imagination

Music and art have been near to my heart for years. I think this is partially because I used to play in a band and teach at a music store. While I know I am not alone, my list of channels on Pandora includes some of the most unusual and […]

Arts in Mission