During this time of the year, many U. S. college students are home for the Christmas and New Year’s holidays. For many pastors, this is the only time they will see some church members before summer. So, with this in mind, now is a great time to encourage your students […]

School’s Out, Recast Vision for Vocation

As I mentioned before, I have returned to playing my guitar on a regular basis. The callouses have returned. And while I continue to learn new things, I continue to review and practice the fundamentals. I was reminded of the importance of review and fundamentals tonight as I watched a […]

Importance of Review

Lord willing, I will be at Urbana later this month. And many of you will be there too. I am scheduled to speak from 2:00-3:00, on December 29 (America’s Center, rooms 223-224) on the topic of church planting among unreached people groups in the West. Here is some more info. […]

At Urbana