The language of the Church exists in two locations: 1) within the established contexts; and 2) within the pioneer fields. One is the language of age-related maturity, structure, great organization, highly educated leadership, and comes with time. The other is the language of new believers who recently self-identified as a […]

When Speaking of Ecclesiology…Remember the Context

Kingdom stewardship is not only related to the use of finances. It is related to everything we have received from the King (e.g., time, passions, gifts, opportunities, power, wealth). Will we bury what has been provided, or will we put it to use in a manner reflective of Kingdom wisdom? […]

Strategic Stewardship and Missions in the West

One of the greatest challenges facing the Church in the West can be summarized with this question:  “How does a Church with a mature presence co-labor with apostolic teams in the same geographical context?” Unfortunately, few imaginations are considering this question. Church life as we know it has come to […]

Apostolic Imagination: What Few Pastors have but We All Need