Missiologists and mission agencies operate from two unreached people group lists: 1) global unreached people groups; and 2) global unengaged-unreached people groups. The global unreached people group list receives a high strategic priority when it comes to global disciple making. The global unengaged-unreached people group list receives an even higher […]

Needed: The Most Urgent Unreached List

Authors are strange birds. We keep up with minute details about our books. And one detail we know well is the publication date. My thirteenth book is to be released later this year. While I know the years when my books were published, I do not know the exact dates […]

Month of Book Birthdays

In case you missed it: The Reaching the Nations in North America Conference took place several days ago. HERE is Seth Brown’s article at Baptist Press. Thank you, Seth; and thank you BP for posting this. This was an important moment in the life of my denomination. The event was […]

ICYMI: Reaching the Nations Videos

Church multiplication strategies must include pastoral training. Though some people believe pastoral training gets in the way of making disciples and planting churches, the bible advocates otherwise. “After church planting, what?” asks my guest, Dr. Ramesh Richard. In this episode, we discuss the importance of pastoral training throughout the world. […]

Ramesh Richard and Global Pastoral Training

Lord willing, the Reaching the Nations in North America conference kicks off in Brentwood, Tennessee this Friday and Saturday. I do hope you will be there. Registration is closed. You may watch the event at the International Mission Board’s Facebook page. You may also follow along at #RTNSummit2016. I am […]

Reaching the Nations Conference

Evangelicals have been asking questions related to the ministry of apostles for several years. Some of these conversations have been unhealthy and unhelpful while others have been edifying and resulting in Kingdom advancement. Do apostles exist today? If so, who is an apostle? If so, are they different from the […]

Don Dent and the Ongoing Role of Apostles in Missions

Good research and healthy mission strategy should go hand-in-hand. How can we be wise stewards with Kingdom resources in view of 7 billion people in the world? Jim Haney is my guest in this episode. Jim is the Director of Global Research with the International Mission Board. He is also […]

Jim Haney on Good Research and Healthy Strategy

Jeff Sundell has been involved in Great Commission activities for many years. After serving in South Asia and seeing the multiplication of disciples, leaders, and churches, he returned to the United States in 2009, contextualizing what he learned. Now, many churches across the United States benefit from Jeff’s vision and […]

Jeff Sundell on Disciplemaking and Church Multiplication

If you are asking the question, “Can my church change?”, then you are asking the wrong question. And there is a great deal of energy spent in asking the wrong questions today. Stop asking this question. Your church will change. If you do nothing, your church will change. If you […]

Your Church Will Change

Experience is very important, but not ultimate. Wisdom comes with experience. In fact, I was just talking to some church planters today about learning from experience. Grace is found in experience. Yet, some people live by the conviction that the inexperienced have nothing to contribute. Their experience leads them to […]

Choking on Your Experience

Last week, Baptist Press released the article by Carol Pipes: “ACP: More Churches Reported; Baptisms Decline.” Media sources across the country quickly ran stories on the information found in the article. The Southern Baptist Convention added 294 churches in 2015. However, our membership declined by more than 200,000 people, with […]

Decline in Southern Baptist Numbers

June 8 is Roland Allen Day. You probably did not know that. Allen was one of the leading missional thinkers of the 20th century. And his influence continues well into the 21st. In fact, if any of the following applies to you, then you have felt that influence: you are […]

Roland Allen Day