June 8 is Roland Allen Day. You probably did not know that. Allen was one of the leading missional thinkers of the 20th century. And his influence continues well into the 21st. In fact, if any of the following applies to you, then you have felt that influence: you are […]

Roland Allen Day

The reporter made this horrific statement on the news today: “The church was completely destroyed by fire. . . .” What!? That’s terrible. Knowing the median worship attendance in the US is 75, I had a mental image of at least 75 people being burned simultaneously. Check Twitter. What? Nothing […]

Church Destroyed, Everyone Lives?

The concept of church multiplication movements is often discussed in missiological circles. Kingdom citizens desire to see “the word of the Lord. . . speed ahead and be honored” (2 Thes 3:1) and for new churches to be taught the “whole counsel of God (Acts 20:27). Nathan Shank is my […]

Nathan Shank on Church Multiplication and Health