Church Planting

“Have turned the world upside down. . . ” (Acts 17:6) You do not turn the world upside down with complexity. Jerusalem was turned upside down by “ordinary, unschooled men. . .” (Acts 4:13) You do not turn the world upside down with complexity. Paul, the seminary-trained missionary, kept it […]

Seduction of Complex Missions

Evangelicals have been asking questions related to the ministry of apostles for several years. Some of these conversations have been unhealthy and unhelpful while others have been edifying and resulting in Kingdom advancement. Do apostles exist today? If so, who is an apostle? If so, are they different from the […]

Don Dent and the Ongoing Role of Apostles in Missions

The concept of church multiplication movements is often discussed in missiological circles. Kingdom citizens desire to see “the word of the Lord. . . speed ahead and be honored” (2 Thes 3:1) and for new churches to be taught the “whole counsel of God (Acts 20:27). Nathan Shank is my […]

Nathan Shank on Church Multiplication and Health

Evangelicals often talk about church planting. However, given the way most people speak about church planting and apply such methods to the field, I wonder if a great deal of evangelicals either prefer to avoid biblical guidelines when it comes to this ministry or simply do not know of the […]

Where Do Churches Come From?

Kingdom stewardship is not only related to the use of finances. It is related to everything we have received from the King (e.g., time, passions, gifts, opportunities, power, wealth). Will we bury what has been provided, or will we put it to use in a manner reflective of Kingdom wisdom? […]

Strategic Stewardship and Missions in the West

Lord willing, I will be at Urbana later this month. And many of you will be there too. I am scheduled to speak from 2:00-3:00, on December 29 (America’s Center, rooms 223-224) on the topic of church planting among unreached people groups in the West. Here is some more info. […]

At Urbana

Everyone wants to go to the cool places in the United States. The New Yorks, Seattles, Miamis, and Los Angeleses. There are many unreached people groups living in such locations. And we must continue to go to these places. But the cost of living in such communities prohibits some church planting […]

Consider the Uncool Places

Baptist Press released a story last week about the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention considering setting aside one million dollars for church planting and revitalization efforts. What makes this newsworthy is that the vision behind the money is based on the use of the wisdom and experience of returning International […]

A Vision of the Possible with Southern Baptists in Texas

I have been a fan of EthneCity for several years. They recently hosted my webinar: “Apostolic Church Planting: Birthing New Churches from New Believers.” I want to encourage you to check it out and make use of the content. Much appreciation to Terry Sharp for his leadership and making this […]

Webinar: Apostolic Church Planting

In this last episode of Season 1 of Strike the Match, I share about my forthcoming book, Apostolic Church Planting: Birthing New Churches from New Believers (IVP). In the book of Acts, church planting begins with sharing the gospel. A church was not talked about until disciples were made; and […]

Apostolic Church Planting

Disciple making and church planting movements are popular topics in many conversations today. In this episode, Steve Addison is my guest. Our conversation is about his next book, Pioneering Movements: Leadership that Multiplies Disciples and Churches, which releases December 2015 with InterVarsity Press. In our conversation, Steve answers questions such […]

Steve Addison on Pioneering Movements