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I recently wrote a post on the importance of doing our homework on upgs living in our neighborhoods.  A failure to do this research is poor stewardship.  Such omissions often mean we end up pouring more resources and people into reaching reached people groups. In this post, I want to […]

Knowing Utah: Another Excellent Example

This is the third post in the series related to my forthcoming book Pressure Points: Twelve Global Issues Shaping the Face of the Church. You may find the first HERE and the second HERE. Through many of the Western nations of the world have historically experienced a strong Christian presence, […]

Pressure Point #2 The West as a Mission Field

Recently I shared about the release of the 2010 U. S. Congregational Membership Report.  I am pleased to know that some folks across the country are shifting through the numbers to guide their strategic planning.  I hope they are planning on sharing their findings with the rest of us. I […]

Least Reached Counties in the United States

Earlier this month, the Association of Statisticians of American Religious Bodies (ASARB) released a very important report on U. S. congregational membership.  You may find the data on-line at The Association of Religion Data Archives.  You will also want to check out the web site of the Religious Congregations and […]

New Data on Evangelicals in the U.S.–Will We Sit on ...

Before we get too tied up in the game and the commercials–if you are not already–I wanted to take a moment and turn our attention toward the cities behind the teams.  And behind the cities, we find the people. And among the people, a great battle is taking place.  This […]

Super Bowl 2012 (Numbers on the Battlefields)

Williston, North Dakota is a town of 13,000 people, in a county of 20,000.  According to The ARDA, the county is 17% Evangelical and has 17 Evangelical churches, giving it 1 such church for every 1162 people (based on 2000 data). And a few of you pastors need to consider […]

Seriously?! Send Church Planting Teams to Williston, North Dakota?!

I’ve been in Arizona for the past few days.  The annual meeting of the Evangelical Missiological Society took place in Scottsdale.  It was great to catch up with old friends and hear from some of today’s greatest missiological thinkers and missions leaders. I gave a presentation this year titled, “Examining […]

The Urgent Need for Urban Research in North America

This past weekend, I spent time with some of the great folks in the Southeastern Region of the Evangelical Missiological Society (EMS). Each year, the EMS meets in regions across the United States and Canada to hear presentations on a designated topic affecting contemporary missions. This year’s theme was on […]

Removing the Urban Fog: A Call for More and ...

One year ago, I launched this blog with a new study that I had completed on evangelical concentrations in the United States and in Canada.  You can find the report HERE and the PowerPoint presentation HERE.  Over the past twelve months, I have received emails from individuals, churches, and at […]

Evangelicals in the U. S. and Canada–Revisited

In light of the fact that today is Canada Day, I am interrupting the two-part series that I just started on church planting models.  July 1 is the day when Canadians celebrate the birth of their country.  While thinking of our northern neighbor, I decided to take a moment to share with […]

Canada Day and a Glimpse at Canada’s Metro Contexts

Over this past week, I have posted about issues related to urban missions.  While I hope to do more in the future, I wanted to conclude this series by addressing a matter that I believe is a critical missing link to urban missions today, particularly in western contexts.  This issue […]

Apostolic Missionaries and the Urban Contexts