Lord willing, next Monday, I will be speaking at the Business as Mission Conference hosted by Southeastern Bible College in Birmingham. My assigned topic is “Careers for the Kingdom,” and I am supposed to keep pastors in mind as my primary audience members. If you would like a glimpse into […]

Shepherd Your People to the Marketplace: Soft Skills Needed

Today is a bittersweet Sunday. Bitter, because dear friends are leaving our church to move across country; sweet, because we commissioned them to go as part of a church planting team. Bitter, because unreached people groups still exist; sweet, because they are going to share the good news with them. […]

A Bittersweet Commissioning

Part of shepherding your people to the field means knowing about marketplace needs. Countries often frown upon natives from other countries coming in and taking jobs–unless it has been difficult to find a national for the job. Here are the ten-most difficult positions to fill across the world. Do you […]

Shepherd Your People to the Marketplace

The school year is almost over. Our church recognized graduates this past Sunday. This is a common practice among some churches in the U. S.. We asked our graduates to stand during the worship gathering, gave them a brief challenge, reminded the church to pray for them, and had a […]

PSA: Shepherd Your Students to the Field