Lord willing, next Monday, I will be speaking at the Business as Mission Conference hosted by Southeastern Bible College in Birmingham. My assigned topic is “Careers for the Kingdom,” and I am supposed to keep pastors in mind as my primary audience members. If you would like a glimpse into […]

Shepherd Your People to the Marketplace: Soft Skills Needed

There is a great omission in theological education: a seminary-wide approach to train pastors to develop an apostolic imagination. While there are exceptions, very few schools have this as a core value. Yes, pastors are called to pastoral ministry. However, the apostolic mindset is necessary to assist with proper thoughts […]

A Great Commission Omission in Theological Education

  This episode of Strike the Match kicks off season 2. In this podcast, I share insights from eighteen years of training pastors in both the academy and the church. The pastor is the most important and influential person in a local church when it comes to leading that congregation […]

6 Guidelines for Training Pastors Toward an Apostolic Imagination

A few weeks ago I presented a paper at the Southeastern regional meeting of the Evangelical Missiological Society. My paper’s title: “Educating Today’s Pastors Toward an Apostolic Imagination.” After spending eighteen years (and counting) in the academic setting and the same amount of time (and counting) in pastoral ministry, I […]

Training Pastors Toward an Apostolic Imagination

One society I have been a member of for many years is the Evangelical Missiological Society (EMS).  EMS was birthed in the late 1960s when certain missiologists believed the study of missiology had moved away from an evangelical foundation and was no longer focused on missiology. According to the EMS […]

Evangelical Missiological Society

Pastors, the picture you paint is the art your people will carry. If you call your people to the nations “over seas,” but fail to call them to the 360 unreached people groups living in the United States and 180 in Canada, then they will believe the unreached people groups […]

Pastors Must Paint Wisely

One reason churches do not participate in church planting is because they believe it is beyond their abilities. And I would agree that church planting is beyond most churches as long as we use the typical western definition of church planting.  When we turn to the Scriptures, we do not […]

Your Church is Closer to Planting than You Think

Complexity is not necessarily a bad thing, but it can be. In the West, disciple making, church planting, and pastoral ministry are complex matters. But they do not have to remain in this state. Whenever I speak to pastors, denominational leaders, academics, and agency leaders, they all share the desire […]

Diet of Complexity

The call to be a pastor in the post-Christianized West is a call to stand on a bridge between two worlds. The great need of the hour is to know the present, see the potential, and call church planters to move to a possible future. The great need of the […]

Pastors Stand on the Bridge

I have discovered that every community in the United States has the most: Unchurched per capita Lost per capita Homosexuals per capita Atheists per capita Muslims per capita Agnostics per capita Income per capita Poverty per capita New Age book stores per capita Satan worshipers per capita Witches per capita […]

We have the Most…Per Capita

The United States is not only one of the world’s largest countries (3rd), it also home to the third largest number of unreached people groups (a story few have heard).  Over the past several years, I have noticed a very common church planting strategy that is on the minds of […]

Jesus Did not Say Wait for Pastors to Plant Churches