Strike the Match

It is great to be back on the blog after taking time off in January. The past three months have been crazy-busy. I have been serving as the interim Global Disciple Making Pastor with Brook Hills since the end of last year and recently finished the third season of Strike […]

New Report: Over 4 Billion Online

Season 3 of Strike the Match begins with this post! Be sure to subscribe (iTunes, Android, RSS) so you will not miss an episode! Ramadan 2017 begins Friday, May 26. I thought it would be appropriate to begin our third season talking with Dr. John Klaassen about Islam and reaching […]

John Klaassen on Engaging with Muslims

Happy Thanksgiving to my US readers! Before you take off on that long road trip to grandma’s house for the holiday, I want to share some recent resources that may be helpful during the drive. Season two of Strike the Match ended recently. There are now 43 podcast episodes for […]

Some Listening Pleasures for Your Trip to Grandma’s

Church multiplication strategies must include pastoral training. Though some people believe pastoral training gets in the way of making disciples and planting churches, the bible advocates otherwise. “After church planting, what?” asks my guest, Dr. Ramesh Richard. In this episode, we discuss the importance of pastoral training throughout the world. […]

Ramesh Richard and Global Pastoral Training

The concept of church multiplication movements is often discussed in missiological circles. Kingdom citizens desire to see “the word of the Lord. . . speed ahead and be honored” (2 Thes 3:1) and for new churches to be taught the “whole counsel of God (Acts 20:27). Nathan Shank is my […]

Nathan Shank on Church Multiplication and Health

Dean Merrill, collaborating with Patrick Johnstone, recently published Serving God in Today’s Cities: Facing the Challenge of Urbanization. This book is a great introduction to our urban world and ministry today. Three percent of the world’s population lived in cities in 1800. By 2100, 90% of the global population will […]

Serving God in Today’s Cities

A stewardship of innovation exists within the Kingdom. We often do not think in such terms or recognize this responsibility we have received. If Jesus is building His Church and we are filled with a dynamic Spirit, then change should be expected. We do not innovate for the sake of […]

Stewardship of Kingdom Innovation

Ruth Tucker writes, “Shrouded in legend and glorified by sainthood, Patrick, Ireland’s great fifth-century missionary is one of the most misrepresented figures in church history” (From Jerusalem to Irian Jaya, 37). On this first episode of Strike the Match, we are discussing, “Who was St. Patrick and what can we […]

Who was St. Patrick?