Lord willing, next Monday, I will be speaking at the Business as Mission Conference hosted by Southeastern Bible College in Birmingham. My assigned topic is “Careers for the Kingdom,” and I am supposed to keep pastors in mind as my primary audience members. If you would like a glimpse into […]

Shepherd Your People to the Marketplace: Soft Skills Needed

During this time of the year, many U. S. college students are home for the Christmas and New Year’s holidays. For many pastors, this is the only time they will see some church members before summer. So, with this in mind, now is a great time to encourage your students […]

School’s Out, Recast Vision for Vocation

I am sometimes asked about books on migration and missions. While I reference many excellent works in Strangers Next Door, here are a few that quickly come to mind and in no particular order. I am certain there are others that deserve to be on this list. What I have […]

Books on Migration and Missions

“If Jesus is the truth and the way, then I want to follow Him,” the Saudi student responded. “Do you understand what that could mean for you,” Gary asked. “If Jesus is the truth and the way, then I am willing to die for Him.” This conversation took place between […]

Preparing Others for the Death Penalty

The school year is almost over. Our church recognized graduates this past Sunday. This is a common practice among some churches in the U. S.. We asked our graduates to stand during the worship gathering, gave them a brief challenge, reminded the church to pray for them, and had a […]

PSA: Shepherd Your Students to the Field

We pastors often forget that stewardship extends beyond the realm of giving money for gospel advancement.  For the longest time, we have allowed the notion of being a wise steward to be defined according to money.  And while the issue of finances does exist within the jurisdiction of stewardship, stewardship […]

Call Your People to Marketable Skills and Degrees

Last week at Southern Seminary a group of 70 collegiate ministers and church planters gathered to discuss a growing area in missions today.  These men and women arrived from the United States and Canada, and for three days addressed a multitude of issues related to reaching students through church planting […]

Collegiate Church Planting Collaborative

Lord willing, over the next few days, I will have the privilege to speak to some of the world’s most influential people:  campus ministers and college students.  On Saturday, I plan to be in Columbus, Ohio and on Monday and Tuesday in Louisville, Kentucky, interacting with such groups.  While the […]

Students and Global Evangelization