Unreached People Groups

The North Carolina Baptist Convention is one of a handful of SBC groups (hopefully this number will grow) working hard to educate and mobilize others to reach unengaged and unreached peoples in North America. A few months ago I was contacted by some brothers from North Carolina about setting portions […]

Videos 4 U – Unreached Peoples, Least Reached Places

Missiologists and mission agencies operate from two unreached people group lists: 1) global unreached people groups; and 2) global unengaged-unreached people groups. The global unreached people group list receives a high strategic priority when it comes to global disciple making. The global unengaged-unreached people group list receives an even higher […]

Needed: The Most Urgent Unreached List

In case you missed it: The Reaching the Nations in North America Conference took place several days ago. HERE is Seth Brown’s article at Baptist Press. Thank you, Seth; and thank you BP for posting this. This was an important moment in the life of my denomination. The event was […]

ICYMI: Reaching the Nations Videos

Lord willing, the Reaching the Nations in North America conference kicks off in Brentwood, Tennessee this Friday and Saturday. I do hope you will be there. Registration is closed. You may watch the event at the International Mission Board’s Facebook page. You may also follow along at #RTNSummit2016. I am […]

Reaching the Nations Conference

Evangelicals have been asking questions related to the ministry of apostles for several years. Some of these conversations have been unhealthy and unhelpful while others have been edifying and resulting in Kingdom advancement. Do apostles exist today? If so, who is an apostle? If so, are they different from the […]

Don Dent and the Ongoing Role of Apostles in Missions

What would happen if a mission agency started advertising their mission statement as: to plant churches among the world’s most reached people groups? Would you lead your church to other countries to pour the overwhelming majority of your evangelistic efforts into serving reached people groups, knowing 6800 unreached people groups […]

Reaching the World’s Most Reached People Groups

Kingdom stewardship is not only related to the use of finances. It is related to everything we have received from the King (e.g., time, passions, gifts, opportunities, power, wealth). Will we bury what has been provided, or will we put it to use in a manner reflective of Kingdom wisdom? […]

Strategic Stewardship and Missions in the West

Lord willing, I will be at Urbana later this month. And many of you will be there too. I am scheduled to speak from 2:00-3:00, on December 29 (America’s Center, rooms 223-224) on the topic of church planting among unreached people groups in the West. Here is some more info. […]

At Urbana

A 95% increase since 2006. That is the growth of the foreign-born population in Buffalo, New York. Buffalo is a medium-sized U. S. city. Gone are the days when migrants landed and remained in the largest cities. And since 2003, 10,000 refugees alone have relocated to this city. The majority […]

Guess Who’s Coming to Buffalo–Now Who’s Going?

Since writing Strangers Next Door, people continue to ask for stories of the gospel reaching not only people who migrated but also stories of them returning to their countries of birth with the gospel. While I share some stories in the book, we all desire more of them. Baptist Press […]

Another Blurring of the Domestic and International Lines

Everyone wants to go to the cool places in the United States. The New Yorks, Seattles, Miamis, and Los Angeleses. There are many unreached people groups living in such locations. And we must continue to go to these places. But the cost of living in such communities prohibits some church planting […]

Consider the Uncool Places

The Bible is filled with passages related to the movement of peoples. Even before the Fall, God commanded Adam and Eve to multiply and “fill the earth.” Migration is not a post-Fall matter that started with the exodus from the Garden. Both Testaments contain many excellent texts on this topic. […]

Outline for Your Migration Sermon