In my last few posts, I have been drawing our attentions to the recently released data regarding the 2010 U. S. Congregational Membership Report. If you are interested in catching up, see my posts HERE and HERE. Previously, I pointed out the least evangelical counties in the United States. Doug […]

Least Reached Metro Areas in the U.S.

The U. S. Census Bureau recently released some important findings on the growth of our cities.  The United States has been a highly urbanized country for many years.  This recent information supports the reality that the urban contexts are growing at a faster rate than the rest of the nation.  […]

Growth in U. S. Urban Population

A very important report was released yesterday from Brookings titled “Immigrants in 2010 Metropolitan America: A Decade of Change,” by Jill H. Wilson and Audrey Singer.  You can read the full report HERE. While U. S. immigration during the first decade of the 21st century was slower than that observed […]

Immigrant Changes in 100 Largest U. S. Metro Areas

I’ve been in Arizona for the past few days.  The annual meeting of the Evangelical Missiological Society took place in Scottsdale.  It was great to catch up with old friends and hear from some of today’s greatest missiological thinkers and missions leaders. I gave a presentation this year titled, “Examining […]

The Urgent Need for Urban Research in North America

I want to take a moment to turn our attentions to the urban world in which we presently live.  While just under half of the world’s population lives in rural areas, just over half live in urban contexts.  We live in an urban world.  The global trends project that we […]

It’s an Urban World

Over this past week, I have posted about issues related to urban missions.  While I hope to do more in the future, I wanted to conclude this series by addressing a matter that I believe is a critical missing link to urban missions today, particularly in western contexts.  This issue […]

Apostolic Missionaries and the Urban Contexts

Being one of the bloggers with Cape Town 2010 Blogger Network, I wanted to offer some feedback to Tim Keller’s recent paper, “What is God’s Global Urban Mission,” posted at Lausanne.org, as an advance paper for Cape Town 2010. I have been very thankful for Keller and his commitment to solid biblical teaching, urban […]

My Response to Tim Keller’s Cape Town 2010 Paper